Create interactive inspiring journeys for each contributors group

Collect responses, insights, ideas, solutions, which can be tested, ranked, refined, sorted and then prototyped by other participants


By connecting your main internal players and by encouraging open innovation with startups and partners, LUZTR enables a panoramic view of your ecosystem and a crowdsourcing for each of your innovation opportunity


The solution can be used simultaneously or progressively in several projects, thematic challenges, innovation programs, collaborative events, multilingual mode, for any number of participants. You decide on the perimeter according to your objectives.


CMS content editor to brand your platform, create and assemble dynamic modules with multimedia content, enquiries, e-learning, collaborative ideation, group prototyping, valuations and solutions improvements.


Adaptable to any innovation, workflow or framework type, the solution and the database are conceived to adapt to various innovation models, emphasizing your strategic goals.


With social dynamics and our semantics grouping technology based on NLP, prevent ideas repetition, stimulate co-creation and collective intelligence. Create votes to find the best solutions, ask for valuations and build task teams for the launch and the development of your projects.


Keep one step ahead on new finds and trends with an agile tool: continuous or progressive launch of new challenges and activities, in a few clicks, following the latest insights.


Intuitive management of your workflow, accessible to the manager; inspiring and gamified interface for participants. All necessary tools to engage your participants, develop human resources and enhance collaborative innovation.


The pipeline and the dashboards enable to visualise and classify data and participants posts. Our text mining and machine learning tools help you to identify patterns, idea clusters, popular subjects, and best matches between requirements and solutions or between challenges and start-ups.


Workflows set-up


Automated workflowsTime saver for innovation and project management
Content Management SystemFlexibility and swiftness to publish multimedia content, training, enquiries, or interactive templates.
Collaborative cardsStructured data posts visualisation, enabling grouping, sorting, social dynamics and collective intelligence
Valuations (or cross-valuations)Invite assessors groups to select posted proposals, ideas, projects or prototypes

Participation modes

Individual activitiesInformative and inspiring content, context, constraints, training, challenges and data collection
Group activities & prototypingRemote collaboration and facilitated management of ongoing projects
Events and workshopsInteractive activities, training, ideation, co-creation, design thinking
Pitch daysEvent publishing, valuations capture and votes in real-time


Desktop, web and progressive web app versionsAccessiblity: Work From Home or during business travels
SSOSingle Sing-On for unique protected employees identification
Landing PagesFor external participants subscription (start-ups, partners, distributors, universities,...) 
NotificationsInvite reminders for activities, notifications on similar posts, start-up suggestions,...

Control and analysis

DashboardsVision multi-dimensionnelle de l’engagement, des données postées, de l’avancement des projets
Semantic analysis/ MLRecurrent themes identification, ideas clusters, requirements/solutions matching, best opportunities exploration
Pipeline and tagsCentralised management of tags of insights, expectations, ideas, proposals, projects, solutions, PoCs,...
Success ManagerMethodological and analytical accompaniment by LUZTR team for the length of the project


Multi-stakeholderSegmented communication channel and segmented crowdsourcing to use internal and external participants contributions to the best
Multi-versionsPossibility to connect several versions together (multi-brand, co-innovation, networks, or innovation hub)
Multi-purposeSimultaneous use for different projects or different innovation types (design thinking, open innovation, product innovation, public consultation, CSR project, HR project,...)
MultilingualAvailable in multilingual version (EN, FR, ES, PT, AL, IT, RU) with publishing content translation and automated translation (and matching) of posts