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Digital + mobile channels

Open a mobile digital channel easily accessible to your employees, clients, partners, distributors, suppliers and startups

Publiez des landing pages, challenges et activités collaboratives segmentées dans 7 langues, sans limite géographique

Facilitate and centralise creation, management, publication and analysis of your collaborative projects

Share inspiring and food for thought multimedia contents

Deploy scalable global programs by maximising engagement, collected data and participants

Automated workflows

Create and publish your workflows easily with a web editor and progressively adjusted templates

Organise the flow and collaborative activities according to your methodology, by monitoring projects

Optimise your group projects ROI through evaluation, selection and progressive prototyping

Multiply global programs effortlessly, efficiently, and to a wide audience

Create an organised and efficient flow

Prepare and engage all participants

Collective intelligence

Inform, inspire and train each group of participants

Release collective intelligence by automatically connecting similar ideas or posts (real time NLP) and by creating iterative collaborative flows

Deploy large collective projects by releasing them of any linguistic constraint or silo effect

Induce and facilitate your participants collective collaboration to the future of your organisation

Maximise engagement with multimedia contents and segmented activities, notifications, gamification and social dynamics


Measure participation and adjust progressively communication on your programs

Monitor easily your projects progress, their history, their ROI and their pipeline

Share dashboards with stakeholders

Manage posts easily, as they are automatically tagged and sorted by our semantic analysis tool(Machine learning + Natural Language processing)

We publish dashboards as per your objectives and bring best opportunities to light

Explore your data and optimise results

Our clients

Cas Civic Tech : consultation publique,
& citizens projects

Création, publication et gestion facilitée d’un site de consultation publique ou de concertation prêt à l’emploi

Presentation of the methodology, objectives, constraints and projects related to the consultation

Comprehensive workflow for collecting group reactions, opinions, proposals and projects

Specific content pages for associations and groups carrying projects

Creation of collaborative projects by grouping together stakeholders with common objectives

Global and detailed analysis of the results of the consultation, semantic analysis, groupings by theme and popularity, synthesis of proposals

Publication des résultats cumulés avec mise à jour automatique

Case: responsible innovation & CSR

CSR consultation deployed for 500 internal and external participants in 12 countries (5 languages)

Consultation including discovery phase, feedback, proposals and votes collection

Multimedia presentation on key issues and impact on health/environment

Collection of feedback, options and ideas on CSR future strategy

Data summary, semantic and sentiment analysis, sharing of ideas clusters

Définition et publication de la nouvelle Raison d’être de l’entreprise

Case study: live events + co-creation

Annual corporate events interactive and in real time for 450 participants

Live participation with a remote follow-up

Design thinking content shared on a simple and intuitive mobile channel

Collection of insights and collectively optimised ideas

Interactions and social dynamics for participants with similar ideas

Results feeding from one step to the next

Results synthesis and ideas clusters projected onscreen in real time

Case study: challenge international innovation

Challenge deployed for 1500 internal and external participants in 6 countries (5 languages)

Thematic contest based on design thinking, combining discovery phase, insights collection, ideation, co-creation and votes:

Participants: employees, consumers and partners

Gamification based on activities performed at every step

Process of information and collaborative posts collected and leading to a final vote (live event assisted by the mobile version)

400 prizes distributed, 12 projects presented and 3 finalist projects selected

Cas : open innovation & match-making

Creation and publication of a whole flow for open innovation, available as a template

Landing pages for startups enrolment

Workflow for the company internal needs

Special contents for open innovation ambassadors in charge of the project communication and engagement

Creation of project groups and business case studies collection for startups

Match-making between best compatible startups and posted needs

Organisation, invitations Pitch day and evaluation forms

Consultancies specialised
or agencies:

or project teams :

Associations, NGOs,
public entities:

Solution ressources

Admin + multilingual player versions

7 languages (FR/EN/PT/ES/AL/IT/RU)

Administration version and dashboards

To create, monitor and manage the project advances autonomously and in an agile manner. Moderation and dashboards published

CMS/web editor
Landing pages

Creation of web pages, in a few clicks, with multimedia content blocks, interactions, form fields and evaluations/votes

Natural Language Processing & Machine Learning

For semantics analysis, opportunities prospection, classification, match-making and posted content overview

Gamification and notifications

To stimulate engagement: collaboration, social dynamics, gamification and notifications related to posted contents

Progressive Web App mobile Version

Invited participants can use the PWA version with advanced mobile functions, easier to install than a native app

Security options, SSO and GDPR

Secure access and access depending on user group, data protection and secure hosting

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Multi-versions / brands
Private hosting
Native iOS apps/Android